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Spring 2014


March, 2013,  Painter´s Trip to Morocco.   I was lucky to enjoy a great trip with some real fine painters from England and the U.S.. We all flew into Marrakesh and from there went to the picturesque coastal city of Essaouira.  The painters on that trip were myself, Aaron Schuerr and Wyllis Heaton, all Americans.  From the U.K.; Haidee-Jo Summers, Tim King, Micheal Worthington, Mo Teeuw, Linda Mathews and David Bachmann.   Everybody painted a lot and it was a great experience!


May-June 2013, Individual Exhibition, Pabellón de Ítalia.  A beautiful contemporary building  built for the 1992 World´s Fair, with a spacious hall. We had a fine guitar recital by Argentinan guitarist and composer Juan Gotán.





In Jan., 2014, I was very fortunate to participate in a group show of small format work of many fine artists from Seville and other parts of Spain in the Félix Gómez Gallery.  Pictured above (from left to right) are Seville painter Mane Tapies, gallery owner Félix Gómez (jr.), and myself.

Group Exhibiton SIMAC

27th of Feb. - 15th of Mar., 2013   Tomares City Hall

Here is a good article about this exhibit;



 Here is a photo of the inside of the City Hall of Tomares.  It is a beautiful sixteenth century building, la Hacienda de Santa Ana. 


Winter, 2013

   This winter has been another nice mild winter and I have been doing paintings in the Alcazar of Seville as well as Maria Luisa Park and in the city streets.  The winter light is so beautiful in Seville.

     The studio is going well, the Wednesday night life drawing sessions are quite popular, we are adding another weekly session  on Friday mornings with longer poses.


May, 2012,  Solo Exhibition Sala Arfe

  I was very fortunate to have a solo show in the Sala Arfe in the center of Seville, in the street Alfonso XII.  I owe a great thanks to Laure Pizarro for all is help with this show, without him it would not have happened.  I also owe a great thanks to Rob Thompson and all the musicians in Celliberia, including EXTRA musicians who performed in my closing night ceremony, which was very, very special indeed!

Africa 2012

    From July to Oct., 2012, I had the pleasure of travelling through Southern Africa.  I took hundreds of pictures and met some wonderful people.  I did a few small “travellers” watercolors, but was sadly too busy to paint as much as I wanted.


November, 2012       Painter´s trip to Venice

  This year I made a trip to Venice to participate in an anual painter´s trip organized by English painter David Bachamann.  The weather was not always good, and we had some “agua alta” high waters which flood the city, but it wasn´t very cold and a great time was had by all.  

  Here is a fantastic video by Roy Conelly, one of the painters;