Eric W. Davis, Painter

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Eric W. Davis

     Eric was born in Laramie, Wyoming in 1961.  He lived most of his youth in Lawrence, Kansas.  He has a Baccalaureate degree in Fine Arts from the University of Kansas.  In 1992 he moved to Seville, Spain, where he finished  a “tesina” (master's dissertation) in fine Art from the University of Sevilla. He has sold paintings for a living, and also taught painting and Art History classes to American exchange students in various universities in Seville.  Eric runs a studio on his sunny attic terrace where he has taught painting classes and which he occasionally rents out to artists.  He holds weekly life drawing sessions with models.  These sessions are open to artists and students who want to draw.

    Eric´s paintings are mostly landscapes of locations in Southern Spain and Portugal.  Occasionally  he works in other parts of Spain, Italy and Africa.  Also, from time to time he does portraits or figure paintings.  He sells his work directly from his studio or in exhibitions.

   Some group and individual shows are as follows:
1991  Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, Kansas, E.E.U.U..
1992  Sala Antares, Seville.
1993  Casino de la Exposición, Seville.
1994  Casco Antiguo de Sevilla,  Gustavo Bacarisias Prize, selected.
1994  Galería Arteta, Madrid.
1995  Galeria Arteta, Madrid.
2004  Spirit I Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
2005  Open Air Painting Contest, Benaocaz, Spain, 2nd Prize.
2007  Mercado dos Escravos Sala de Exposiciones (Slave Market Exhibition Hall), Lagos, Portugal.
          Villa do Bispo Centro de Cultura (Cultural Center), Portugal.
          Capella das Artes (Chapel of Art), Acantarilha, Portugal.
          Galería Cortereal, Bolequim, Portugal.
2008  Galeria Cortereal, Bolequim, Portugal.
2010  Painting Contest, Alcalá de Guadaira, Casa de Cultura, 1st Prize.
2012  Arje Espacio de Arte, Seville.
2012  Exposición SIMAC, Tomares City Hall, Spain.
          Pabellón de Italia, Seville.
2014  Galería Félix Gómez, Seville.